fitness training

When you control

your body

At Fitness, we teach functional movements with emphasis on technique, progression, and efficiency.



Making the decision to join a gym is a great first step towards improving your health and quality of life. For over 10 years, Fitness has been dedicated to giving people a fitness experience while helping people of all fitness levels reach their goals.

Body Shaping

Fitness workouts are comprised of constant movement

Basic circuit training

Basically circuit training is done

Personal Training

Making the decision to join a gym 

Full Body Workouts

This full body workout with Fitness

About US

Bryon Jones is the founder of The Body Fitness Factory. As a fitness and health professional in the Los Angeles California area, he has developed a high level of education and experience spanning over 15 years.




​1/2 Hour Session

Mixture of Strength Training, Cardio and Kickboxing basics ,core and Functional workouts

Available in packages of 8, 12, or 24


1 Hour Session
Mixture of Strength Training Functional, posture,core and Plyometrics
Best value

Available in packages of  8, 12 or 24


One-time consultation.
Get help fixing any fitness problems you’re having.

Our staff has expertise in strength training, Posture Corrections Rehabilitation and also fitness therapeutic workouts 

Fitness training

Hollywood, Ca

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