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Bryon Jones is the founder of The Body Fitness Factory. As a fitness and health professional in the Los Angeles California area, he has developed a high level of education and experience spanning over 15 years. Spending almost 10 years in the research of combining fitness with a medical Therapy approach Bryon has figured out how to help you reach your fitness goals and stay physically healthy at the same time.

Bryon is a certified ISSA Fitness professional and holds a number of certifications including TRX suspension, Medical assistance and also IFTA certified trainer certificates.

Bryon believes in helping each client get optimal results. He feels that if someone is paying for that extra push, they should also receive results in the safest method possible. Bryon is not your typical trainer that uses bodybuilding routines (3 sets of 10 on specific muscle groups). He believes in metabolic strength training which is non stop compound movements for the highest percentage of fat oxidation with a therapeutic philosophy.

Bryon  is well-known for his innovative view on design and endless stream of ideas with their perfect performance.

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